Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jesus Saves!

Well, this thought just occurred to me while I was coming back to my room after having dinner one day. I saw a motorcycle with these two words embellished above its headlights:"Jesus Saves" and instantly a question arose in my mind and that was "then who kills?” This led me to contemplate over the matter and what I present below is the stream of thoughts that ushered through my brain during the next few minutes.
Jesus Saves! Ok, but then who kills? Whoever that entity may be, one thing is for sure that if Jesus is the savior then he can’t be the killer and if he is, why don’t we celebrate this fact too and use the phrase “Jesus saves as well as kills"? Anyways let’s consider both the cases - of him being only a savior and of him being both a killer as well as a savior.
If Jesus knows only to save then the entity causing harm must be a more dominant one because what I perceive of this world is that every day every moment there is a person somewhere on this planet falling into the hands of harm. Also as one fine day, every soul on earth is bound to depart, it surely points to the fact that the killer is always the ultimate victor. Does that mean that we are taking the wrong entity to be the paramount one?
Or if the case is the opposite where Jesus is both: a killer and a savior then the question that arises is: “whom does he kill and whom does he save?" Again we all being mortals have to meet death some day implying that one day Jesus kills everyone. Then why does he ever save anybody? May be because its not the right time for that person to die. And what if it is? Then the Jesus you call a savior will himself become your killer and would show you the way to heavens! So this means that irrespective of what we ask of him he will always do only that which he himself finds best and that choice of his is what we may call as destiny.
So we may finally come to two options: either there is no Jesus at all or that what’s there in your destiny is bound to take place because that’s one rule made by Jesus which he himself can’t override. This in turn means that he perhaps doesnt want us to depend upon him to be our saviour.He wants us to be self dependent, strong and wise!
And may be that’s why the motorcycle I saw was lying on the road the way I saw it with its rider waiting for his turn to meet Jesus soon himself and ask him the question:” why didn’t you save me O Lord?".

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