Monday, October 23, 2006

Don: Movie Review

Two men:both aiming to transcend their idols. One, a young director who wants to carve a niche for himself that would stand tall even against the alpine achievements of his father cum idol Javed Akhtar. Another, an ageing actor, perhaps at the twilight of his career seeking the one masterpiece that would compensate for the height he lacks when he stands in front of his icon Amitabh Bachhan.

It was a valiant effort from both of them indeed but unfortunately i would have to say that one of them failed miserably while the other just couldnt make it.

Don is a moivie that was released amongst great hype and expectations. The hype helped its cause but i believe it will fail to rise gainst the expectations.

Unlike his previous servings, Farhan Akhtar displays lack of directorial experience in this movie.he just couldn't handle the plot at all. A few rather innovative mutations were brought about in the plot which if handled properly would have guaranteed a masterpiece of a movie, but which due to some ludicrous screenplay, made the film lose its impact.The story becomes all predictable thanx to the awry screenplay.

Shahrukh Khan, living up to his name gave us a Don who although different from the original one succeeds in making the same type of impact but in the other character namely Vijay, what he gave was certainly not his best performance.He had given a far better (UP/Bihari type guy) performance in the movie Shakti.In this one he just looked like a poor imitation of the original Vijay.

Boman Irani did a job well done while Priyanka Chopra and Arjun Rampal more than impress. They were truly an asset to the movie.Priyanka Chopra emerges as the only actor who portrayed her character far better than even the original one.

The character of Om Puri has no weightage in the movie and so here too the director lets an actor like Om Puri go totally unnoticed in the movie.

Overall, due to the rfreshing looks of the movie, some good performances, impressive action and stunts and a really gripping performance by Shahrukh as the Don, the movie does succeed in keeping you away from yawn during the two and a half hour run.Thus its a good movie to watch once.

As people come out after watchin the movie, one thing over which i am sure most would agree is that:

"DON ko remake karna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai"



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