Saturday, October 7, 2006

Reservation : A mentality

In the last few days, my experiences and observations have taught me one
that 'Reservation'is not just a political problem but a  mentality which resides in all of us in varying sizes. When we talk about reservation, we generaly talk about the reservations provided to various quotas politically and with all sorts of arguments we oppose it but while doing so we often forget that we too contribute to the system of reservation in various ways almost every other day.
When i go to board the bus to my college in the morning,I find myself groping for a seat while half the bus looks unoccupied. Reason: almost every person sitting inside has a seat reserved for one or more of his friends. Now the crowd in our bus becomes unbearable sometimes and therefore a standing ride early in the morning can tire you enough to compell you to bunk your class in the last period and come to the bus early in the afternoon while returning. Thats what I do and while I do so, obviously i too oblige a few friends of mine by reserving a few seats for them. But actually I have no other choice. Not because the rush in the bus plays the vilain but because if i do not reserve the seats on time someone else would and again i may not get a seat even if i board a half unoccupied one.
Next comes the mess where again i find the display of profound friendship by people who at any cost want to sit with their friends as if this is one last supper for them. So obviously reservation system again comes into play.
These are just two small examples from my daily life.If you observe keenly you would certainly realise that that such examples are lying all around us and in fact we are more often than not a contributor to it.
So, what i want to say here is that simply opposing the reservation system in the political circles is not enough. We need to eliminate this mentality from the society. Each one for himself should be the new motto of ours. Only then can we say that we are fighting reservation system in the true sense.

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