Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Single.....

A single word can mean it all,
A single smile can make your day,
A single lamp is all it takes,
To keep darkness away!

A single tree shelters so many,
A single flower puts hate away,
A single star is all it takes,
To show you the way!

A single day can change a life,
A single idea can change the globe,
A single hand is all it takes,
to give life to adobe!

A single song enkindles the heart,
A single voice can contain,
A single touch is all it takes,
to alleviate the pain!

A single step marks a journey,
A single drop can quench the thirst,
A single hope is all it takes,
To hold against the worst!

A single spark can burn the woods,
A single stream can enrich the view,
A single Man can change the world,
Can that man be you?

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