Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Koi 'Rock'o Naa, Deewane Ko!

He was in terrible pain. It was hard to make out whether the pain was physical or mental. I saw him holding his crotch a couple of times though. But the way he was jumping in pain and crying with his eyes closed, his whole body seemed to have been taken by some deep wound. He was shouting at the crowd. He was pleading to them. So loud was he crying that even the heavens would have heard him. But I had never seen a crowd crueler. Albeit some of them seemed to be sympathetic towards him and some even had tears in their eyes, most of them seemed to be deriving some abstruse pleasure in watching him cry. The ones on his side could do no more than just pity and watch.
And then suddenly I saw his agony turning into anger. His bent structure arose all of a sudden and he thrust all his scorn towards the crowd. He cursed them, he condemned them and he even showed them the finger. But the more he vented his frustration the more they seemed to enjoy.
And then he challenged them. He called them to have a go at him. Although no one came towards him, this time the whole crowd started cursing him. He looked shocked and tired. His face was full of sweat and he stood their aghast. And then suddenly as if he was possessed he started to shake. He looked up to the god. The agony was overly conspicuous.
After that he took off his clothes and threw them towards the crowd. As if telling them to take all they could for he had nothing to lose. He ran across the platform. He wanted to run away. But there was no escape. They were everywhere, all around him. Provoking him and cursing him. In the end he fell on his knees perhaps praying to the god and his voice grew somber and cold. Those butchers who were deriving so much pleasure in his pain suddenly stopped too. And then……………………………………………………………………………………….he rose and thanked them all. The Rock show had ended.

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