Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Alvida Chennai

Time to bid goodbye to the Lungi-land. Yeah, I am finally leaving Chennai and going to Baroda with a hope that I won't have to return. For the first time in my life I am kissing a city goodbye without any emotional strings attached. Four years in the city and no attachments to it at all! No its not my hatred for the city which makes me say this. In fact I have come to realize that Chennai is not a bad city at all. It offers you a lot of things that many other cities don't but its the circumstances, the people you deal with, the expectations you have and the luck you bring that makes you like or dislike a place. In my case, its the negatives of these factors that I had to cope with.
There were those golden moments of course. There were moments when the breezy sea stole my heart away, when the movie halls and crowded buses felt more comfortable than my bed, when I laughed and so did my soul and when I did not hesitate in calling my squalid room as 'Home'. But then, a major factor that made those moments so precious were my beloved friends and 'I shall miss them' is an understatement. The city however could never seduce me. I remained for it, an estranged lover.
But to the city that saw four very important years in my life, the city which taught me many lessons, the city that made me see myself in a different light and the city that made a fighter out of me certainly deserves a blog post at least. So, alvida Chennai, for the time being at least and I hope that either we never meet again or you do not appear with the same darkness again.


  1. Alvida Chennai??? So done with the grads, matlab! :))

  2. yup! ek sem baaki hai....but thats for proj which I am doin at KOlkata which means ...... Alvida Chennai.....