Sunday, July 6, 2008

'I' Killed My Mediocrity

Hi everyone who fortunately or fortunately happens to read this blog! I, the Gajabkhopdi am back!
I am actually not only back to the world of blogging but also back in a literal sense to the city where I spent some golden days of my life. I am back in Indore.
IIM I or Planet I as we IIMites call it has proved to be a place of my dreams. Not only because of the IIM brand it carries, but due to the sheer amount of opportunities it has to offer. I don't know what an IITian or for that matter anyone from a reputed insti would have to say about this place, but for me, a person who struggled for 4 years to prove his worth can only look at this place and say - "I" killed my mediocrity.
Yes, mediocrity is what surrounded me in the past 4 years. You can call this a cribbbing, a rant or anything you like for that matter but the fact remains that one reason this Gajab khopdi could never really come out of his cocoon was because the cocoon was made of the strong threads of mediocrity. But finally, its all over. Finally I am at a place that provides me all the tools and means through which I can justify my capabilities.
I am not a prodigy, I am not a genius, I am not a maestro at anyhting at all but I surely am an "Above Average" guy who certainly deserved much better than what my previous institute had to offer.The journey has been tough. From a prison to a paradise, from a cavity to cosmos, from trash to treasure, this has been a long hard wait for me. But now, it feels good.
The best part is - my grey cells are up and working again and they have the support of a 24X7 internet access which would ensure that I would be coming up with some good(hopefully :)) posts quite regularly.

But before i start writing about the 'so many things' that are crowding my head, a few more words about planet I. :)

Situated on a hillock on the outskirts of the city of Indore, IIM I can boast of an awesome campus. The main insti building complimets every bit of the name it bears. The hostels too are well architectured and the differential baseline of the buildings add to the campus' beauty. To add to that we have a state of the art library here which easily is the best in Central India, a decent sized auditorium and small amphitheatre amongst the prominent buildings.
When I came here I wasn't sure how the rooms and food were going to be. However, my first reaction when I saw my room was - "Hostel ka room aur itna saaf!!!". Partly because of the young age of my hostel block and partly due to the efficient housekeeping over here, I got the posession of an absolutely tidy room. The next concern i.e. the food too is not something one can really crib about. The menu is good I would say and the quality better than most messes that I have dined in.

Now comes the lifestyle. Well, being one of the premier institutes of the country, it is a place that carries the burden of lots of expectations and the burden is to be shared by none but the participants (thats what we call the students here). This means that you have to be on toes right from the word go. The margin for error is thin and the workload is high. But then thats what makes this place what it is. However this in no way means that the inhabitants of planet I dont have the element of fun in their lives. With lots of activities going on, some good infrastructural suport and a great senior-junior rapport, the fun factor is high. Movies, music, sport, gupshup and last but of course not the least - masti (take any meaning you want to derive ;)) - planet I's atmosphere is full of them. I would have loved to see a good cricket ground here though but then the courtyard cricket that people play here has its own charm.

"Saala IIM kya pahuch gaya, kuchh jyada hi tareefon ke pul baandh raha hai" - thats what I expect a few of you to say while reading all that i have written above. But then, believe me readers, its a fact that theres little that this place has to complain about. At least for a person like me who comes directly from a crap 'private' engineering college, this is indeed a dream come true. I dont know whether I would have equally loved this place if one of my IIM A or C calls would have got converted, but then right now gajabkhopdi is more than satisfied.

So with that I sign off for today and hope to return with some 'interesting' maal for all of you to read.


  1. oye!!!
    gr8 to see ur drm has cum true
    al d bst..n hav fun
    IIMite ;)

  2. Nope you always deserved it!

    You may not be a genius or a maestro but definitely you were always "ABOVE ALL AVERAGES" I'd agree!

    P.S Mujhe add kar apni blog mail list mein, i don; use GReader!

  3. ur blog name ha ha sachi muchi me gajab hai. and u real gajab khopdi.