Monday, April 20, 2009

I Got Robbed!!!

Well, right since my first visit to Bangalore last year, I have not been a big fan of the city. It never looked as great a place to me as described by some of my friends. Anyways while that is a pretty much arguable topic, Friday night brought an experience that definitely made my opinion about the city fall off the cliff.

Friday, 17th March 2009, I got robbed at 10:15 pm on a supposedly busy road of Bangalore in a supposedly posh locality. The culprit - An Autorickshaw Wallah of course!!
Well I have heard from people that autowallahs in Chennai suck big time (in fact autorickshawwallahs of any city suck big time) but believe me, from the various experiences that I have had, in my opinion the Autowallahs of Bangalore suck deeper and worse than any other place on this planet.

Here are the reasons-

1. First of all this is the only city where there has not been a sigle occasion when the bloody autiwallahs have not demanded extra money from me for some or the other reason.

2. I have heard n number of times from them that - "Saar, ye Bangalore Saar...iddar aeesaa hi hota Saar....iddar yei chaltaa...".

3. On Friday 3 people including the autowallah on whose auto I came from Hotel Leela Palace to Thippasandra 80 ft Road (which ideally should have costed jut Rs14 and for which I was already ready to pay Rs21), cornered me on a lonely road and literally forced me to pay them 7 bucks more.

Yeah, for 7 bucks they were threatening to beat me up.
Now some of you might ask what was the macho gajabkhopdi with his 'balshaali' Bihari lineage doing while all was going on.....
Well, fortunately or unfortunately this GajabKhopdi also happens to be a management student and he simply calculated the options and associated costs and the damages he might face under each one of them.
They were -
a) Fight - risking serious damage to the laptop on his shoulders and may be a few bad blows to the body
b) Pay 7 bucks and get done with it

Calling the police wasn't really an option as none of them was visible there and a phone call could have been equal to putting up a fight. Thankfully they dint really touch me else my Bihari Buddhi would have forgotten all calculations.

So what did I do?
Of course i paid 7 bucks and handed it over with lots of emotional dialogues like "Where is your conscience etc etc...bullshit" and walked off...

Funny part was that even though I had over Rs.500 in my pocket and a laptop on my shoulder, all they cornered me for was 7 bloody bucks...

But as far my experiences in Bangalore go, I am yet to have a good one!


  1. I still think that the autowallahs of Delhi are worse.
    They would have robbed your laptop, the 500 bucks in your pocket and beat you up as well.

  2. It's still hard to believe that the "Bihari Hulk" didn't come out!!lol!

  3. Yeah sometimes its good to use 'wit' against 'might' :P

  4. @Gunjan
    Haan and agar Delhi me deal karna hota to even i wud hav dealt it a la 'Bihar Style':P

  5. "Autowallahs of Bangalore suck deeper" - Apart from being mean, are they perverts too? ;)

  6. Man, we all complain about them, but who is going to change anything? What can be done?