Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Myself" (in quotes)

 "Actions speak louder than words because speaking itself is an action afterall"


  1. Kya bar bar template change karta rehta hai!!

  2. 1.really glib.
    2. but you should take care of the content coz in smart oneliners one is not expected to give the reader any chance to question your fundae.
    3. hence the juxtaposition should be served to the reader in as clear a manner as possible.
    4. for example, in the first thought although i could comprehend what you meant but what will you do when readers ask you all sorts of(relevent or irrelevent) questions...
    like-if speakin and actions stand hand in hand then where do they part ways??? coz initially you meant that one is supposed to be louder than the other....
    or may be when does one supersede the other???? tough to understand...
    next time try to be a bit more clear in conveyin your thoughts.
    i am sure this wasnt the only way you could have come up with...

  3. its really cool man...every mom across the length and breath of this country should have a look at it...

  4. Redundancy makes sense at times..ain't it?