Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Why are Ekta Kapoor Soaps successful?

This question flashed across my mind while reading the comments on one of my friend's blog where as ususal the commenter had used the name "Ekta Kapoor" for sarcastic reasons.

Well, how much ever we excoriate Ekta Kapoor, one fact that remains boldly tall is that most of her soaps do succeed! Whether we are an aficionado of the so called family serials or not, its one name we are all familiar with. In fact, I know many of her fretters who can even name all her productions!

In fact I believe its only the present generation of under 30 that hates those weepy tales. Many of our elders which includes men too (as opposed to the common belief that she's only a ladies' favourite) enjoy the masala-tale dished out to them! And I, here, am just trying to analyse the possible reasons behind it.

Now before analysing why our moms like them, let me put fore a few points that explain our hatred towards them:

1. Its not "Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki". I have never come across a single family which is as weepy and as troubled as some of these serials portray. Neither do i find anyone around me being called a "susanskrit" and very much indianised person and marrying uncountable partners at will.

2. The Age paradox. Now for some reason that only Ekta Kapoor can explain may be, the age of her characters seems to be a time independent function! We have people (who going by logic should be octogenarians) talkin to their grandchildren in a scene and marrying in another!

3. "Satyam Kadapi na Jayate"! Irrespective of who the crowd favourite is, ultimately the lead casts spend all their lives weeping and crying and in profound despondency while the Vamp enjoys all the pleasantries and jewellaries! The people keep hope thinking that Truth shall prevail in the end but "End aaye tab to!"

4.The 'Tear'enian Sea: I think if all the lead females of Ekta kapoor serials come together they can solve India's water problem! Jus' wonder if Ekta kapoor owns a glycerine factory too!

5."No work and all play": almost all the characters in these serials are reputed businessmen but I just wonder how their business functions coz i hav never really seen any of them workin at all!

So these were the major (of course not the only ones) reasons why I call her serials crap!
But then think about this:

1. If people are shown only reality based stories or those that are close to truth, many of them wont really enjoy it! Because thats what they see everywhere around them : Reality. So why would one like to revisit it? Perhaps its these over skewed family dramas where they find a life thats different.

2. Most of the characters that gain the immortal status in these serials are crowd favourites. Remember the "Mihir Virani" case? So the crowd doesnt really mind them outliving the century. Its very much like us not raising a question on the 500 yr lives of hobbits! Coz we simply like them!

3.I guess its the struggle more than the victory that appeals to the people. Its this part where people get their dose of reality but in a rather dramatic way! In life, everyone thinks that he or she is right but has been wounded by the talons of injustice. So when they see their heores (or heroines here rather) going throuh the same pain but putting up a brave fight they can easiily relate themselves to the character.

4.Tears in general move pople more than teeth do. A very good example can be found in the achievements of serious and sensitive movies which always outshine even the most brilliant ones falling under the genre of comedy. May be people dont take things seriously until the thing is really "serious".

5."All work and no play" is what our elders always go through. So they actually like to see at least someone taking it easy and still having fun!

But having said all this actually I am still not sure myself that watchin Ekta Kapoor serials is a good idea for anyone! You have lots of good stuff to provide you just bout every kind of entertainment you need and still complying to either rationality or creativity or hillarity at least!

Anyways, if anyone of you readers can think of more reasons for that lady's success, do let me know! Not that I have anything against her in personal, but I am really amused at the way she has been succeessful in fooling millions of Indians!
May be because she has the "K" factor!

Now all I can do is hope that this run ends and all the cricket lovers of this country get to watch the day and night matches uninterrupted even during the prime time!


  1. 1. well written.
    2. really entertaining.
    3. i guess ppl reading the blog will be instantaneously attracted toward this post just by the sheer masala of the content..really cool.
    4. i personally would love to read a few more specific instances or incidents where the ineptitude of the " QUEEN OF PARADOX " come to the fore.
    5. finally ,my thumbs up to the post!!! keep the blog lively with similar they help buffer away the seriousness off the blog and lends it a balance.

  2. All i can say is its well written.. the selection of words is contemporary n thus entertaining as well.

    not much to say.. thankfully i m not one of ekta's victims.

    Surprisingly i havent seen any of her serials till date.. for the simple reason that i hate "K" n i hate family dramas.
    how can people bear it .. that too for sooooooooo long

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