Saturday, November 4, 2006


Well this one is in response to my friend Vinod's (and many others') suggestion to me that I should write a few Interesting posts too, something like the post on his blog titled "Steatomammate".(For the meaning kindly refer his blog Mindless Musings)

So I thought why not begin with the example supplied by him itself.
So here I provide the users of the word Steatomammate a few more words to compliment it. I am very confident that a lot of people would find these words pretty useful in their daily conversations.

1. The Antonym: (Vinod didn't find this one out) Leptomammate

2. Now Steato is for 'fat' but I often find people who need to use a prefix that can convey the meaning 'soft'. So this one is for them: Malacomammate

3. Now if 'soft' is there theres got to be one for 'hard' too. So there it goes: Scleromammate

4. And in case you just wanna describe a good one you can use : Eumammate

Well actually one can go on this way but I guess these many words would be enough to support your daily lingo needs! ha ha ha........

P.S: Well Vinod, hope you dont call this plagiarism as I not only found those prefixes myself but also gave you the due credit! ha ha...

Also, to those who may find this post offending, I urge them not to take the thing very seriously and just look the etymological aspect of it.


  1. read my comment at vinod's fact i've also elaborated on different permutations of the roots..hehhe

  2. I have a reason to cry now i suppose.... I think u better stick to yr own style. hope u dont mind... but i m bit philosophiocal types too.. an intense thinker.