Friday, November 3, 2006

A Reason To Cry

One fine day a friend,
Served me an inquest,
That silenced me for long,
Though I tried my best!

What he asked wasn't new,
Not something I'd never heard,
But still it shook me hard,
And left me all stirred.

For he demanded an answer,
Most difficult to give,
He asked me, "What?
For what do we live?"

I brooded over it long,
Then turned and replied,
An answer that made him,
Pretty satisfied.

"We live", I said, "Oh friend!"
So that when we die,
We leave behind for others,
Some Reasons to Cry!"  


  1. 1. thought provoking
    2. conveys a meaning which will take some time to sink in.
    3. writing should be such that the reader need not spend a lot of time on thinking -what you said,but you should make him appreciate the thought as soon as he reads it!
    in other words reduce the amount of implied meanings..that i guess will make it an even interesting read.

  2. i dont agree with anubhav. the poem is very well written..which is the true reflection of Mr. born MATURE.
    Anyways one needs never change his style of writing just because it s less appealing to one.
    And moreover. as Wordsworth has said .. poetry is the outflow of emotions..let it flow
    A little polishing wil come wid time.