Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Aila ! Plane?

The last time I saw Sachin on the cricketing pitch, I was rather sure that he would now anytime ask someone.” Main kahaan hoon?” (Remember the Pepsi ad)

The way he played, he really looked like having suffered from a memory loss. And perhaps someone had convinced him that he was not Sachin Tendulkar but Courtney Walsh!

However he made sure that the Indian team doesn’t get more chances to embarrass itself and that he soon gets to say once again,”Aila! Plane?”

Somehow the wonder boy of world cups, Sachin couldn’t quite cash-in! While the whole world expected him to stand bold, all he did was to stand clean bowled.

Sachin performing in crunch matches has always been a rarer scene than Mallika Sherawat wearing a sari but somehow this time round people did expect him to perform. May be because this was his last chance to be a part of a world beating side, but it seems that now he can’t just ‘go for it’. May be he has lost the ‘secret of his energy’. May be all that’s left of him now is the Pepsi ka pappu who can ‘drive’ well only when in the comforts of his Ferrari.

Anyways, I personally never expected much from him other than the ‘buzurgon ki salaah’.

But one man who was termed as the ‘wall’ of India presently has a few ‘sawalls’ to face.

Not for his poor captaincy (for captains are not Gods after all) and of course for his batting neither. But for why the hell is he letting his affinity towards Sehwag sink the Indian ship? His form recently had been worse than Tusshar Kapoor’s acting. The world knows that footwork to him is like quantum physics to Rakhi Sawant! He might have years of cricket left in him (god only knows which kinda instrument measures that) but this world cup would certainly have been better with him as a spectator.

No don’t tell me about his Bermuda innings. That like a 10th class fail topping a class of 4th graders and feeling proud of it. And not only that. Also supplementing the achievement with a statement which would mean, “A topper is a topper after all!”

The bottom line is Seh-wag never looked like he could wag!

I really feel for poor Sreesanth who seems to be the only bowler in the Indian side who doesn’t bear a cadaverous look on his face. The worst of the lot is Munaf Patel. Had his bowling been even half as fierce as his looks, he could have done a Brett Lee. With that kinda face one expects you to kill the batsman even before he faces the first ball, but afsos, munaf carries the attitude of a mule who knows he can never win among the horses.

Sooraj paschim se ug sakta hai, paani me aag lagsakti hai, main CAT nikal sakta hoon par Indians jabardast fielding nahi kar sakte! Ya I know Yuvraj singh is an Indian but branding is a ramification of averages. And on an average, The Indian fielding side is no better than eleven ‘sholay ke thakur’ trying to prove their agility.

And now talking bout our very ‘own’ Mr.Chappel. Rassi jal gayi bar bal nahi gaya! Remember him showing the middle finger? Today he looks like one himself! His ego is still ‘erect’ but we all know now how ‘potent’ he is!

Remember a time,when anything wrong happening with or within India drew just one remark?”Zaroor isme koi videshi haath hai!”

It has never been more true!

Anyways, many say that we should not play the blame game but kya karein baki sab khelon me to dhakkan hain, socha kyon na is khel me hi hath aajmaya jaye.

That has always been the problem, no one here is blamed. All come clean. And the only one facing the blemish is the nation.

No Mr Chappel cricket is not just a game. At least not for you or the players. For you it’s a profession, for us it’s a passion. And nothing is worse that betraying your profession and seeing the fall of your passion. If you consider it just a game then inspite of all your achievements you prove yourself to be a loser. Even life is a game but we dare not take it lightly. So should be cricket for cricketers.

Now I hope the shame makes a few of our worthy senior players retire before cricket retires from our hearts.

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