Friday, March 9, 2007

Female Equality

Now, for some reason I stumbled upon this topic so frequently today and read about so many opinions and thoughts that I had to pour in some of mine too.

To begin with, I have always felt that if someone feels that one is commensurate to someone else in whatever it may be, he or she should compliment his/her belief by action and not try to supplement it with mere words.

Thus my humble request to all the so called feminists is to kindly stop cribbing and letting other “women” down by constantly nagging for equality. If you believe in yourself, act that way and with this changing world, where sexual as well as other biases are gradually losing their meaning, you will certainly be seen as one.

As far as places and regions with sexual bias are considered, I again think that instead of causing a cri de coeuer, they should rather lay down the law. They must learn to snatch their rights and not beg for them. If all the women of a particular country, society or region decide upon achieving equality and bring out a revolution, no force (of man) can really subvert them.

But unfortunately most feminists consider equality achieved only when an acknowledgement from their male counterpart is received, thus suggesting per se that their equality is proven subject to the confirmation of men!

It would be much better than creating all the brouhaha and showering vituperations , to wield their strengths such that the society is forced to provide them a commensurate status.

Thus not by words but by proving it through action, they should cause the male community not only to consider them as equals but in some ways even superior. The good news is that this is what most successful women do. It’s just those handful of self proclaimed feminists who according to me often mislead the other women who have been thirsty not only for equality but also freedom in many respects.

All I have to say to such people is, “Don’t ask for equality, coz it cannot be given. It’s to be discovered yourself coz it already exists”.

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