Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Freedom at last!!

Yes, what most people would call the end of a joyful college life is freedom to me!
Last Saturday I felt Free!

It was the last working day of our engineering life and most people would have expected me to be nostalgic and emotional. But I felt happy! Happy to have reached the end of the years which I did not live but survived. Happy to be approaching the end of a college life which not only crushed all my dreams but also showed me the cruel face of a corrupt and obdurate management.

There have been moments of course during the last three years which I shall carry in my heart forever but those have been provided by my dear friends with whom I shall always remain close thanks to the internet.The college has only been a witness to few such moments. Thus its the people I would remember but never the place.

Now i am just looking forward for a peaceful final year so that my hatred for this institution does not grow any further. I know I might be sounding a big pessimist right now, but I won't justify myself. Only those who know this place can understand the source of my frustration.

Anyways its time to forget all those negatives and move ahead in life and thats what I am trying to do......

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