Monday, July 16, 2007

Water......Wat the ****!!

This is a post which is not a result of my Bhadas but my Pyaas. Bhagwaan bhi kaise kaise din dikhlata hai? These days when we find almost the whole nation deluged, yours truly finds himself in a bhootbangla with no water at all!
Actually the motor room and the corresponding setup in our building is in a state of mess and the niwasis of this khandahar are least interested in getting it repaired anytime soon. So that leaves this self of mine in a pityful state.
Although I am shifting to a friend's place tomorrow, but the last 4 days that I have had to spend in this narak were awful! Barsaat se bahar ki poori sadak geeli hai par kambakht is narak me jal ki ek boond nahi! The worst part is that they say the crisis would continue for another 15 days at least!
Kambakht aas paas koi sulabh shauchalay bhi nahi! I have been spending Rs.10 each day in commuting for the last 4 days just for going to Sayan da's place and fulfilling all my watery needs. Now don't ask me why I didn't shift to his place earlier. That was an obvious solution but somehow not feasible. Thus I find myself with a bucket full of rain harvested water saved for emergency purposes.
As or my neighbours, the family wale kind have all kept maids who come during noons and fetch them a dozen buckets full of water from the nearby Metro water supply, but my college timings prohibit me from keeping one. Pados ka chaddhiputra chunnu to khule aasmaan ke tale hi varsha ke nirmal jal ka bharpoor fayda utha leta hai. Par main kya karoon?
The only good thing is that there is no shortage of drinking water at least thanks to all those mineral water cans. Isiliye pichhle kuchh dino se main mineral water se hi hath muh dho raha hoon.
Khair tomorrow mera ye vanvaas samapt ho jayega hopefully. After that until and unless they get the motor room repaired this desert house will remain deserted.
Isiliye, main aaj jan hit me aap sabse nivedan karta hoon ki kripya jal ke mahatwa ko samjhen aur uska samajhdari poorvak istemaal karen.

P.S. :For the kind information of those who read my last post, I have got placed in Cognizant Technology Solutions. :)
Pee-less-ment ka tension to khatam hua par ab Paani-less-ment ka tension sata raha hai!


  1. Bhai, Chennai ke bagal mein itna bada samundar hai. Use kritarth karo!

    Vaise this post sounded very much like a post of garam bheja fry. Trying to copy him? ;)

  2. hey buddy.. tu to bahut hi poor poor state me hai.. waise ocngo for the placement!! Where would u be placed?? I mean, which state?? oops, again not the state that u r in right now.. Tu hyderabad me hoga kya?? Waise nice blogs!!

  3. The Rain Gods r in ur favour buddy ... Start rain water harvesting seriously ... also u can go for the toilet at Thiruvanmayur Railway Station ... its not far from ur house ... n if u r willing to spend auto bhara then u r welcome 2 my personal toilet ( no charge for friends ) ...
    Nahi to ek aur option hai ... since drinking water is in pleanty , drink lots n lots of water and then use ur own pani ...!!!