Friday, August 17, 2007

Chak diya India!

For me, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander was the best sports movie that had been made in India till Chak de got released. Not that Jo jeeta... has lost its rank in my list, but it has found a worthy partner for sure.
Except a few technical and script based snags (which can be overlooked) Chak de is one of the most convincing 'zero to hero' kind of movie that Indian cinema has seen. The most important aspect that has gone into making this movie look so realistic is the casting. Not only the director made a commendable effort to bring about the regional diversities of such a team but also that the players do look players and not models or actresses which they actually were. A touch of rawness in the acting made the girls look even more convincing. And on this even Mr. Sudhish Kamath of The Hindu seems to agree with me. I loved the short girl called 'Komal Chautala ' in the moviewho actually was portrayed as the most un-komal kind.
The next best part was the mind blowing performance given by you know who. He looked every bit of the King that he is called. The only word I can find to describe this kind of performance is - Natural.
The cinematography in the movie is A grade. Especially in the scenes where the press has been shown, the shaky camera makes the scenes look amazingly real.
And at par with all this was the screenplay. The background score was good enough to move you at times and the timing of the songs is perfect.
The commentators shown in the movie could have done a better job but it is nevertheless okay. The dialogue writer too has done a commendable job.
Thus its as complete a sports cum feminist movie as India has ever seen and my only comment to Shimit Amin is - 'Chak diya'!

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  1. Nice review. Have not seen the movie yet. Will do so soon.