Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Once Upon a Time In the Soviet Union -a book review

The mention of Soviet Union often reminds us of Socialism, Communism, Revolutions, World War, Cold War, Dictators, Leaders, Spies, Space missions and many such terms that shaped history but never Peasants, Housewives, Factory workers, Culture, Families, Festivals, Marriages and the Common man. Perhaps the common man of Russia got lost amidst bigger names and bigger ideas. Perhaps socialism became bigger than the society itself and the equality advocated by it a prerogative of the unequal.

However, Once Upon a time in the Soviet Union, the sepia tinted diary of a car rally undertaken by two French couples, one of whom happens to be the author and his wife is a true tribute to the people of what used to be the USSR. “It does not claim to offer conclusive revelations about life behind the Iron curtain at that time” – is what the author writes in his note to the reader. However the insight that one gets through this book into the lives of the Soviet people of those times is priceless..........................  (To read the full review Click Here)

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