Friday, February 22, 2008

Prison Break Season One Review

I have a thing for Prison escapees. With Shawshank Redemption being my favorite movie and now the series Prison break taking away a substantial part of my days, thats more than proven now.
Prison Break is a fast paced series with a storyline that can be pretty addictive. Unlike most prison escape stories, this one is not about a person who lands up in a prison and then plans an escape. It is like those well planned bank robbery flicks where the plan takes center stage throughout. In Prison Break, the protagonist first plans the escape and then lands in the prison. The motive - to get his innocent brother out who has been convicted for killing the Vice president's brother and is facing a rendezvous with the electric chair in a few days. The protagonist Micheal Scofield is an intelligent structural engineer and has the advantage of being one of the designers of the very prison where his brother is. And so he formulates a foolproof plan , gets the blueprint tattooed on his body in an unrecognizable form and tries to rob a bank so that he too gets into the same prison. And then the real story begins with hundreds of twists and turns. Every character that Micheal meets in the jail is a part of his plan. On the other hand his brother Lincoln Burrows has an ex girlfriend in the form of a girl called Veronica who is trying hard to get him out by legal means. But success is impossible when the enemy is the Vice President of United States. The storyline is full of unbelievable sub plots but gripping none the less. ( To read further click here)

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