Wednesday, August 6, 2008

GajabKhopdi's Theory of Preparation-Outcome Relationship in Exams

For the past month or so I have been reading various theories under subjects like accounting and Organizational Behavior which state nothing but obvious facts. Some of them are so obvious that calling them a theory is as good as calling the Indian cricket team inconsistent.
However what all this has done is to inspire me to come up with a theory of my own :P
So readers, please bear with me for this one post and accept the post in good humor as this is certainly not an attempt at leading you to suicide :)

Note: Before you read the proposed theory, please bear in mind that it was formulated by me after two days of extreme humiliation in 4 exams

The Theory :

In an examination, there are 5 types of possible relationships between your preparation, the level of the subject and the outcome:

Type A: Subject is easy, you don't prepare and still perform well
e.g. What happened to me till class 10th

Type B: Subject is tough, you prepare well but still don't perform well
e.g. What happened to me in class 11th, 12th and during JEE preparation

Type C: Subject is tough, you don't prepare but still perform well
e.g. What happened to me during engineering

Type D: Subject is tough, you prepare well and therefore perform well
e.g What happens with all those 'toppers' around

Type E: Subject is tough, no matter how much you prepare or even don't prepare,you are bound to get screwed!
e.g Whats happening to me now!

Assumptions :

People don't prepare well when the subject is easy (Law of Complacency)

If you don't prepare well for a tough exam, either you are sure of Type C or you wanna screw yourself and are therefore not a valid sample (Law of Self Destruction)
You are just another Engineering student !
Exams are not meant for you!


  1. faadu hai guru!!!![:)]

  2. aacha analysis hai.....khair tumhara analysis hameesha aacha rehta hai....

  3. yaar ab padhaai likhaai chhoot gayee humaari...naukri pesha ho gaye.. exam vagairah aur associated theories se peecha chhoota hua hai filhaal! :)

    tumhaara assumption Murphy aur De morgan ke naazayaz sambandh ka nateeja lagta hai!

    Boolean logic or murphy's law ka acha istemaal kiya gaya hai! ye to trailor dikhaya, ab fillum banane ka bhi socho! kaafi popular ho jaayega, management instis ke galiyaaro me ! :)