Thursday, August 21, 2008

I, Idanim and My First play at Planet I

A soldier has found life,
After a bloody carnage.
A slave has found his legs,
Off the eternal bondage,
A bird has found the sky,
Breaking past the cage,
A book has found the story,
to fill its blank page
A face has found its smile,
A gun has found its rage,
Now take your seats and watch Oh world,
An Actor has found a stage.

People often carry this completely wrong notion that life at an IIM is all about academics and business jargons. Well, here is a person who after spending about 2 months in this campus is still unaware of most jargons and least academically oriented. Planet I could not get me studying so far but it did get me dancing, playing, designing, writing and now acting.
Yes, finally after a few long years I was able to make a comeback on stage! It wasn't a performance that brought out any ahhs and awws. Neither was it a character that would replace my nick. But, it was 10 minutes of ecstasy of being on stage again.
For the last few years, whenever I wrote 'acting' as one of my hobbies, I felt a kind of floating guilt. I felt as if I was cheating myself because I was hardly acting anymore. Yes, I did manage to put up a couple of monoacts and a couple of street plays and yes I did rehearse a few lines in a few sessions for Avalon, the budding theater group in Chennai, but they were opportunities too few and far apart.
Amongst so many gifts that Planet I (IIM Indore) has given me and will be giving me over the next two years, Idanim is cetainly the most prized one. Finally I have something which is more than an opportunity to just act. Finally I can unleash the artist in me.What you see above is a poster designed in a hurry by yours truly for the first performance of Idanim this year.

What is Idanim?
Well, it is the theater and film club of IIM Indore and yours truly has recently been voted as its member with maximum votes across all club elections. :)

The play we performed was based on a comic story by Neil Simons called 'The Odd couple' which has been converted into a play, a movie and an a TV series. Now I wont delve into the story here but you can watch/read it at your leisure.
The best part about the play was that most of the cast was 'on-stage' for the first time and still we managed to pull an impressive performance. The play was well received by everyone who took the time out to watch it. I had a small part to play in it and I wasn't really at my best in it but still there's a beginning at least!

The actor in me has finally found a stage and now there is no stopping for sure!


  1. Chalo, you found yourself a nice team to work with. Always a huge boost for a dramatist. :)

  2. now dat makes a gud news..