Sunday, November 9, 2008

Learning to Fly.......

The race that started as a kid, still continues......

Expectations, others' and mine,
Decide, determine, define
The course I take , The way I go,
When to be fast, When to be slow.

Aspirations give way to expectations,
As my dreams go off to sleep
As i kill the voice of my soul,
And i bury my heart so deep

Eternal wounds aren’t easy to nurse,
When memories are your biggest curse,
No ,matter how hard you try,
They are there, so sore and yet so dry.

There were moments I cherished,
Those spent with people my own,
But while I was amongst so many,
A part of me was still alone.

Have you ever walked down a road to find there was no end
For every turn that u turned there was a bend
The faster that you walk the longer the seem
And you were all alone in this crazy dream.

I realised that life isn’t unfair or wrong,
Its You and only You all along,
Taking life as it is, in my stride.
Now, I need no reasons to hide,
Here I stood, my head Held high
As I stared the Sun right in its eye,
And that’s when I looked up in the sky,
One deep breathe, and its time to fly.......


  1. Wow! Amazing work. Really loved the editing and screenplay on this one. Especially the editing. Kisne kari?

  2. thanx....
    editing majorly done by my friend here and partner in this crime - Kewal Gala....he's amazing with such stuff......

  3. ohhkk
    dat was gud..
    no really
    no was written by u i guess hann

  4. @joie
    yep...pretty much my composition!!