Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who am I?

Yes I know what you are thinking! :)
"Oh No! Not again a post with the 'i' letter"
Well, call it co-incidence or conceit, somehow the letter has stuck with me for the past few months. So till I figure my way out of it, here is another post for your 'eyes'

Have you seen a Reed?
Perhaps the most feeble thing in Nature,
blown away by the vapour,
flown away by a drop.
But never giving up on its quest,
to reach the roof top.
Swimming through the floods,
flying through the storms,
It keeps proving wrong,
All nature’s rules and norms.
That’s who I am!

Have you seen a Train?
On a never ending quest,
To seek a destination,
Never sought by rest.
Limited by tracks and yet so free,
With fire in its heart,
And an Iron body,
And while it is on a journey so long,
Its ready to carry everyone along.
Not afraid to whistle the arrival,
That’s who I am!

Have you seen a machine,
Going on and on and on?
With gears and nuts and bolts,
giving rise to a song,
Trying to find its own identity,
in the creation of a new entity,
It gives the world,
all that is asked,
and never failing,
on what its tasked.
That’s who I am!

Have you seen a guitar?
Ready to be strummed,
Every part of its body,
made to create, to give life,
to a music never heard,
Ending all pain and strife,
With chords of time,
Playing its heart out,
To anyone who cares,
To lend it a hand.
That’s who I am!


  1. hmm
    gettin philosophical.

  2. Have u seen the future...???
    Sometimes mysterous...
    Sometimes Unknown...
    Sometimes Predictable...
    Sometimes in the textbook of an astrologer...
    Sometimes in the hands of a karmyogi...
    Always bringing hope...
    Encouraging minds...
    Moving forward...
    ...and forward and forward
    Thats what u r...

  3. @joiedevivre
    umm...not quite.....this is rather what i would call spontaneous frlow of emotions :)

    a humble thanx is all i can say