Sunday, November 30, 2008

Movie review - Yuvvraaj

Director - Subhash Ghai
Rating - 1.5/5

A long drawn problem with Bolllywood has been that people here do not learn from mistakes! And this problem looks more like a crisis when Showmen like Subhash Ghai do so.

Yuvvraaj is a movie that could have kept a fine arts lover interested and awake. Unfortunately most people watching it are not one. Brilliantly shot in the Austrian landscape, every scene in the movie exudes impeccable camerawork. But even Yaadein wasn't too far behind in that respect. Perhaps Subhash Ghai did not take a clue from Saawariya which had made it pretty clear that Indian audience walk into a movie hall expecting entertainment and not artwork.

Yuvvraaj has all the elements of a typical Subhash Ghai movie - strong characterization, names that are a character sketch in themselves, abstract and dramatic dialogue delivery, a grand orchestra and a weird family. What it lacks most is a consistent and gripping storyline. Also at times the depiction of a scene or character looks either too naiive or too theatrical for a common man to appreciate it. Moreover, an errant sceenplay added to all the existing confusion.Especially scenes involving Boman Irani and Salman are way too childish.

Anil Kapoor impresses the most of all actors. In fact he was the only one who seemd to be acting. But his role looked as if he was trying to relive the character he had played Eeshwar about 15 years ago. Salman Khan was supposedly playing a character who has shades of grey. However the grey took the wrong shades in wrong scenes. Katrina Kaif may have looked gorgeous enough to leave men drooling but at some point of time acting is excpected of her after all. Other actors including Boman Irani, Zayed Khan and the supporting cast left a lot to be desired.

Overall, Yuvvraaj seems to be another one in line with the genre of movies Subhash Ghai started making since Trimurti. An abstract movie with random dialogues and weird characters trying to convey a strong message in a subtle way and succeeding in nothing more than either making small kids laugh or confused adults sleep. Afterall it takes more than a wrongly spelt name and Austrain mountains to make a movie succeed. Right Mr.Ghai?


  1. 1.5!! As soon as I learnt it was a Subhash Ghai movie I dropped the base of my rating to -5. Had he even made a blockbuster, I'd have rated him only zero. He made Yadein and we thought he couldn't do worse than that. But he out-did himself with Kisna. And now Yuvvraaj. I mean, how can you even think of making a movie with Salmaan, Zayed and Katrina? A movie needs people to act, after all!

  2. ha ha! yeah true!!
    i think i was pretty generous while rating it even 1.5

  3. hahaa such low ranking :P

    hmmm inni mockery...
    kya baat hei

  4. @Priya
    "Yuvvraaj dekhne jao, khud jaan jao"
    Don't forget to take a pillow along btw!

  5. I congratulate u not only 4 watchin the floptale but also 4 takin the pain to write a review.
    Sallu miyan aajkaal controversies me hi thik lagte hain,filmo me nahi.