Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye - Review

Director - Dibakar Bannerjee
Rating - 2.5/5

Success in your very first venture can sometimes prove to be a pain in the a**. It not only leads to increased expectations from others but also to some amount of overconfidence in yourself.
Have a look at one of the posters of OLLO and the words - 'from the makers of Khosla Ka Ghosla' make it clear that it tried to capitalize on KKG's success right from the word 'go'. However for Dibakar Banerjee this might just backfire!
For me, although a decent watch, OLLO was no way near KKG. Not only 'cause it lacked an entertaining and gripping plot like KKG but also 'cause a sense of humour that was too subtle and too embedded in dialogues to catch attention. Also the perfect timing displayed by Anupam Kher and Ranbir Shourie in KKG was missed badly in this one. However the main drawback is that 90% of the audience comes out with an expression on their face as if they were shown a Korean movie with Greek subtitles. In short 'ye movie na, kuchh samajh nahi aayee' is what u get to hear all the way through the exit corridoor of the hall. The movie ocsillates between simplicity and complexity and perhaps the screenwriter was paid less.
As far as the actors go, Abhay Deol tries his best to look the Lucky he was supposed to be only to be beaten to it by a teenaged surd called Manjot Singh. Scenes showing the teen days of Lucky are actually the best part. Actress Neetu Chandra however looks simple and beautiful while portraying her small yet effective role with utmost ease. Paresh Rawal could have done better by sharing a character or two with some other actor as him playing 3 different roles really did not make much sense except showing signs of 'cost cutting due to recession'.
However, having said all that, I would still go on to say that I consider the movie worth watching once at least. The impeccable portarayal of the 'gullys of dilli', the teenage Lucky and his kaarnaame, the dedication with which Lucky steals, the well timed retro background score, the subtle but rib tickling humour here and there, the no moral baggaged characters and a few hidden satires on the society together make sure that you get the worth of your money. Some good work by the Art Director and the cameraperson make it all the more likable for Dilliwallas.


  1. hmm havent watched d movie yet..
    one time watch hai i think

  2. The baccha sardar (Lucky in childhood) steals the show.The regular Delhi life portrait is appreciable.2 or 3 places r very enjoyable.The Abhay Deol,Paresh Rawal combo is far far behind Ranvir ,Vinay n Anupam uncle jodi of KKG.The story remains a bag of confusion 4 both the viewers and also it seems Abhay Deol as well...!!!
    I agree Sirji,its a 1 time watch.

  3. Kamal Chhabra7:52 AM

    just a bit more than one time watch in my opinion...knowing the life n style of delhi, it was amazingly well captured...also, knowing that this is taken from a true was a fairly good adaptation...
    and the paresh rawal thing, i think is basically to show the tormentor in the protagonist's life is the same devil with diff name tags...just my opinion...
    one thing that they shud ve capitalised more on was the title was awesome...shud ve used it more effectively...

    btw, a good review...since u were much closer to the screen than me that day :P

  4. @ Kamal....
    yeah as i said....dilli walon ko ye fillum bahut pasand aayegi coz it captures delhi really well, but a non-delhite might not be able to relate to it....:P
    as for being a real story, the only thing 'jo aankhon me khatki' was that Lucky stole with abnormal ease....dunno if the real Lucky was that smooth...:D
    as for paresh rawal, i agree with u...thats what even i thought but somehow the thing dint work out for me...:)

  5. Good review!

    I also liked the portrayal of Richa Chaddha's character (Dolly)....the typical glam-dolls who look so sophisticated but when they start talking...boy! they're so dumb. She caught a really good accent, trying to speak the wrong English with full confidence.