Friday, December 5, 2008

RTI - The 'Right' weapon!!

Pragati, the Social Initiatives wing of IIM Indore is organizing RTI Week in Indore. So far my only association with the event had been as a designer having designed its posters and pamphlets. However, today I got an opportunity to attend a session on RTI where Mr. Saurabh Sharma of JOSH and Mr. Santosh Jha of Parivartan enlightened the participants on the power and use of RTI.
And since then I feel inspired to say the least.
Having realised how compelling a force RTI can be against the callousness of government offices, I see it as one of the greatest 'gifts' from our hexagenarian democracy. Finally the common man of India has been able to secure the ammunition that can penetrate even the thick-skinned government officers. Now, considering that Indian politics has left no stone unturned in order to restrict the act to another decayed column in the Law books it's left to us, the citizen of this country to decide its true future. An extensive and rightful use of the act can do wonders and bring about unprecedented changes in the rotting system.
Today this country stands at a juncture where such an opportunity should be seen as a means of bringing about a revolution. We should practise it as a duty rather than just a right. This chance of scoring over the parasytic politics and bureaucracy must not go waste! The best part is that practising RTI is amazingly easy and cheap. All one needs is a little grit and determination to lead the petition to its destination. gives one all the necessary information regarding filing of RTI form and the nuances of the act. Its a humble request from my side to anyine who comes across this post to kindly familiarize yourself with RTI and use it in order to empower the common man.
It may not change things overnight but even it leads to a single brick added to the wall of integrity in our government offices, I would call it success!
Some aware people have already used it to get ration problems solved for a whole community, get streets of a whole area illuminated, bring water to hundreds and most important of all, to make a statement that this country is still OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE. Log on to or for more details and make sure you aren't made to run after tha babus anymore!!


  1. It's true. RTI is the most important democratic instrument of our times. Asking questions can rattle anyone. The sad part about our system is that people don't ask questions. They just accept things the way they are. They don't bother where their tax money is going or why the govt. is doing what they do. RTI makes is easier for us to ask questions, to rattle those on power and to keep them accountable.

    This is a good initiative. I think every citizen should file at least one RTI every year. :)

  2. I agree that the RTI is definitely a step in the right direction. However there is plenty which still needs to be dont to attain transparency. It is definitely a step in the right direction, however it has met the same fate as other initiatives in our country. There is an initial furore and then it's back to status quo. The basic reform/overhaul which is required is that of the Judiciary. The due process of law should not be something to be feared. Check this out