Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chronicles of Sathyabama - Part V - (Music)

©2005-2009 ~reignbeau

Music was something that helped me and Anubhav retain our sanity in that place. Unlike him I knew nothing about the technicalities of music but every Tansen like him needs and deserves a 'Kaansen' like me. So that is where a dream was born - to form a band. A band which never saw light but the seeds of which were enough to keep us going. An attempt towards a 'trash band' (about which I shall write later), the Sathyabama hostel music nights, a couple of songs composed by us, buying a guitar, playing on the E D Boards, water cans and class room desks and spending long nights doing nothing but singing random songs - that's what made some of our best moments in those 4 years.

I still miss those Sathyabama Hostel jam sessions really bad, where Anubhav's 'giving Sivamani a run for his money' water-can skills and a bouquet of Kishore Da - RD Burman songs made 30-40 of us tap our feet and sing aloud.The other superstar was Sayan Da. The way he could turn any song into a xxx one (and that too a very authentic xxx one :) ) is a quality only he possessed. But to be frank, he really does have a wonderful voice and no one could do more justice to some of those Adnan Sami songs than Sayan Da himself.

Our fever for music reached such a high that we didn't even spare the lectures. Sitting on the back benches (as usual and quite obviously) we often kept singing and playing the desk. Yeah, all that in the presence of the teachers. Well..... a not so disciplined class, lots of noise and kilometers of distance between the blackboard and the back benches helped of course! It was during these back bench sessions of ours that we were at our creative best. Given below is a song I wrote a couple of years back when I was once riding high on the tides of creativity during one such lecture at my engineering college. Anubhav took no more than a few minutes to compose a music for it and there it was-our masterpiece!! I just hope we are able to get this song recorded some day. Till then let this be a feather in the cap of Gajab Khopdi.

बस मैं, हूँ यहाँ, और मेरी परछाई,
भीड़ में क्यों लगे, यों मुझे तन्हाई ?

कहते हैं लोग, दुनिया, जिस्मों का मेला,
फ़िर भी जाने क्यों, पाऊँ, ख़ुद को मैं अकेला,
अकेला, अकेला, मैं अकेला

chorus - Walking on fire, burnin' desire, but life the bitch is a bloody liar

है शोर से बना, कैसा, वीराना यहाँ,
इस दिल को छू ले, ऐसी, आवाज़ है कहाँ?
किस्मत ने मुझसे, खेला, अंधेरों में धकेला,
हजारों हैं यहाँ, फ़िर भी, मैं क्यों हूँ अकेला?
मैं अकेला

chorus - heart's sinkin', in self devotion, goin' through motion, no emotion

अकेली राह पर, अकेला, बस चला जा रहा,
वक्त के हर, ज़ख्म को, मैं जला, जा रहा,
जिंदगी को, खींचा, साँसों को धकेला,
है मंजिल अनजानी और मैं हूँ अकेला,
मैं अकेला

chorus - i'm all dust, my heart all stone, a world unknown and I'm alone

मैं अकेला


  1. I've been testimony to a Live performance of this masterpiece! Hope after your respective early voluntary retirements, you people team up and cut a disc! :)

  2. well, i too miss those wonderful days... wat a josh it was na.... i still remember wen after all that practice when we went on stagee, our great teja has 3 of his guitar strings broken :) it was all to much fun...mis u guys all...

  3. If only we could relive those days... those are some of the memories I'm sure we all will cherish for ever...

  4. KickAss song!
    JhakAss chorus lines!

    Sure can become a hit single or a part of hit album, or OST of the 'new kinda' bolly movies!

    Not kidding.

    If you read my cynical, skeptical and mocking commments on many other blogs, you will know that here I mean it.