Monday, August 24, 2009

Utsaha Brochure

This is the cover of the Brochure I designed for 'Utsaha' - our marketing fest, which goes rural this year.

Funda :
What is visible is a small lamp window in a mud wall...
The fest essentially involves market research, i.e. peeking into the minds of the consumer
Now since the consumer here is rural, I have represented his life/mind through the mud wall where the decorated lamp window (representing Utsaha) acts as a means of taking a sneak peek into it.


  1. Very creative and subtle.
    Loved the colors used too.

  2. ...and at the risk of being counted among the 62% of blog posts which equal 'nice'..

    liked the concept.. good work.. :)

  3. @Gunjan : Thanks sir jee!! Thats a huge compliment coming from a man of colors :)

    @akshaya: thanks friend!! i think you just added a percentage point to make it 63% now :P

  4. i like it...its something that i would definately digg in..
    gud work :-)

  5. @nainy its in november......dates - 1st,2nd,3rd...

  6. When is it? or.. umm was it?