Friday, December 4, 2009


Recently IIM Indore had the privilege to listen to Mr. Sam Pitroda speak about his experiences and his journey to success. While every pause that he took was filled in with applause, there was a particular message which really touched me. In fact in a way what he said then was what has been the primary principle of my life. This is what he said -
One should keep experimenting in life. Experiments - some successful, some unsuccessful, some easy, some diffcult, some right , some wrong, some fair some not so fair, some allowed, some not allowed, but one must keep experimenting. Becaue each experiment helps you redefine yourself as a person.
Well said Sam! Some people are governed by their self devised value system, some by what the society teaches them. Some follow a leader, some follow the books while some flow with life in unknown directions. Some run after money, some run after fame, some live in love while some play it like a game. Most of them define their boundaries and seldom venture into experiences beyond them unless life forces them to do so. However, those who are hungry for life and want to taste the real essence of living are the ones who 'try'. These people deviate, defy, deny and defeat the obvious. They Experiment and Experience for that is what life has plenty to offer.

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  1. Very true! Sorry for such a short comment, but couldn't have added anything more. :)