Thursday, November 2, 2006

There are Moments...

There are moments
That you never forget,
Those gnaw at you heart,
With talons of regret,
They keep you awake
Through the darkness of life,
Lacerating your wounds,
With the plaintive knife!

They kill you not,
But kill they do,
They make you hate,
The man called 'You',
They make you cry,
And wail and shout,
And spill your tears,
lamenting out!

For why you lost,
To the weakness in you,
For why you earned,
The blemish anew,
For why you couldn't,
Stand at all,
Where expected you were,
To be brave and tall?

There are moments,
That make you realise,
You are a man so feeble,
So small in size,
That whenever in life,
The torrents are strong,
You try escaping,
Through the path often wrong.


  1. 1. the creation deserves a better title.
    2. the pathos is heart rendering.
    3. but at the same time reminds you of the hubris of the defeated...
    4. really well thought off.

  2. well written n well thought.

    I dont know why thr is always a touch of sadness in yr poems.

    try to bring little variety. just try.

    The word "earnt"..?

    Though the last stanza makes a lot of sense but donno but somehow a feeling is thr tht u started wid something else in the mind ... may b.. its just my perception.