Monday, June 4, 2007


Hey all you frustrated guys out there, here is one for you!

Bhaiyon Beheno, bachcha log, aa chuka hai aapki saari frustration ko door karne,
ek frustrated sa aam engineer! Frustoo!

Check out my joint collaboration with my friend Abhishek Asthana !

A Cartoon strip : Frustoo!

Please do let us know your precious views about the strip!

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  1. Thought of dropping a comment here as well :)! due to laziness,copying and pasting the same stuff i commented on GBF was fr both f u aftrall :P!

    "ailaaa...damnn gud :D !Kudos to both of u! :)
    The addition product[dekh dekh!me talking of MATHS!] of two engineer minds is more dangerous than TNT[visfotak :P]!!
    All the berry berry best to both of u!" :)