Friday, June 8, 2007

Sayan at his best!

Sayan Da! The name itself can bring smiles on the faces of those who know him. A peerless guy gifted with unparalleled wit and humour. So much so that I am planning to start a whole series of posts on him called 'The Mad-ventures of Sayan da'. But thats for later. Right now, here is a small dose of one of the mad-ventures of Sayan da :

It was the first day of this semester in the college. As usual the whole bunch of us were sitting on the last two benches of one corner. A new period had started and there entered a dumb looking female who was looking at us with as blank an expression as given by a newly born calf. She was supposed to be our Lecturer! She looked a prima facie case of an AIDS patient.
Her mouth permanently remained in a positioned which gave you the impression that she was blowing out! This made Sayan wonder what jobs the lady must be good at! :)
After entering the class she said something which partially due to her distance from us and partially due to her voice sounded like a moan. Anyways, when we suddenly saw other people getting up and telling her their names we assumed that she had asked for an Introduction.
So far so good. Each one got up and told her his /her name. And at the end there came our chance. So, the lesser mortals like I and Aditya just did what all others did. We told her our names and took back to our seats. Although it was pretty conspicuous that she wasn't able to hear our names properly and the shaking of her head was more of a habit than an acknowledgement, none of us attached much importance to this.
But how could Sayan da miss this opportunity to send us rolling on the floor! He stood up with his back still bent as if he was in 'stealth mode' and said " Main Chu**** hoon"!
Our heads shot back and for the next 15 mins none of us could stop laughing as the lecturer once again did nothing more than shaking her head and moving on.
Even our fits of laughter did not cause the slightest of change in her expression.
And all that Sayan had to say was,"I was just testing whether she is actually listening to our names or not!"
And indeed she wasn't!

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  1. OOO yaar ladkiyan padhenge to mere bare kya sochengi....!!!
    Tune to ghar baithe baithe meri family planning karwa di...