Friday, June 15, 2007

Pee-less-ment ki Tension!

kano me kundal, hathon me kade, lambe lambe kesh aur balishth shareer
Nopes, I am not talking about the Pandavas from Mahabharat. The above written description applies to some of my college mates. It is true that they look just like one of those Mythological characters sans their mukuts, but soon they are going to make a bhishma kinda sacrifice! Most of them will have to go through hair cuts! Some of them who were gradually turning from Pandavas to Draupadi will have to wait for a few more months. In fact one of my friends has already turned into Chanakya :)
The reason? Placements!
Yes, our Campus placements begin next week and as per the instructions given by our teachers, long hairs are big turn offs for the HR people especially when they are not guarding anything of much value! Waise, mujhe bhi apne baal katwane hain. :) Main abhi semi-pandav stage pe hoon.
Actually these days our campus is buzzing with just one word and that is the obvious one.
You can find people doing the wierdest of things, right from buying new clothes (especially a tie) to solving puzzles. Many of them are trying to arrange for someone whom they can copy from during the aptitude test(I might become one of them soon). Many can be found mugging up pre-prepared (I know that word doesn't exist in english but my vocab is poor and i couldn't find a more suitable adjective :) )
answers to questions like :
Tell me something about yourself (or)
why this company (or)
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
There are people rattofying even names of 5-10 books so that they can name them when ask what books they have last read.
But the worst of the lot are those who keep bugging just about everyone they meet with the question,"Aur sunao, placement ki taiyari kaisi chal rahi hai?"
Kabhi Kabhi the whole thing seems overhyped but then when you consider the fact that inhi teen lakh ki naukriyon ke peechhe sadhe teen lakh engineers ka future tika hai, you sort of look at everything in a lighter shade.
Rumours ka market is as garam as dosey ka tawa. Stats and figures ki barsaat ho rahi hai. Placements VIT, Vellore me ho rahe hain aur neendein yehan ud rahi hain!
Har kisi ka dimag one way traffic ban gaya hai.
Now until the majority of people get placed the hype will certainly stay.
Anyways, I just hope to save myself from any sort of possible embarrassment and get into one of the companies asap.
Sab kah rahe hain ki har aunge-paunge ka placement ho jata hai. Ab agar aise me mera nahi hua to bahut beizzati hogi.
But thats not enough to draw me into the frenzy.I would still prefer to be Frustooned. Actually I am too lazy to even care about these things. Apna to life me ek hi usool raha hai - "Jo hoga dekha jayega"
To dekhte hain aagey kya hota hai.
Placements ke baad phir milenge - HUMLOG


  1. just gone thru this phase :)

    seems unimaginable, all ur classmates who didn't evn bother brushing their mane and wearing washed/ironed dresses,(i'm not pretty sure they washed themselves) suddenly started showing up in *sophisticated* formals (far too much as expected from enggrs)..!!

  2. hehe!! been there done that!!

    kya kre time hi aisa hota hai..placements bring harmony, peace, togetherness among students..and yeahh ensuring a job for everyone as well..everyone will get one..sabka wakt aayega... :D waise a nice commentary on the scenario.. i was smiling as i was reading it!!

    tere ko bhi milega!! sabko milega!!

  3. Nice description of the overall scnerio...tune to tension badha di....anyways all the best 2 u buddy...gotta go...mujhe bhi baal katwana hai...

  4. Very well drafted description of the whole scenario... even I faced a similar situation some time back...

    All the best for ur placements... :)

  5. we want a new post!!!! :) and thanks for blogrolling, and hey, put a shoutbox kinda thing smwhr no..