Saturday, September 20, 2008


I am what you are,
But you think you are not,
I am what you have,
But unable to spot.
I am what you feel,
what you think, what you speak,
I am what you fear,
and I am the one you seek.

I am the one you talk to,
in your silence, in your sleep,
I am the one you walk to,
When in pain, when you weep.
I am the cacophony,
Solitude treats you with,
I am the gnomic poem,
Your heart greets you with.

The smile on your face,
The tears in your eyes,
When you call for help
The first one who replies.
I am an exacting teacher,
I am your trusted friend,
I was your genesis,
I will be your end.

Call me your identity,
Call me your name,
Call me your self,
It will all be the same.
No, I am not your part,
I am you, full and whole,
They call you a brittle body,
And me the immortal soul.


  1. obsessed with the letter "I"...Ok..."I" can understand!! :-)

  2. e poemwa humko niman laga....typically ur istyle!!

  3. kispe likhi hai yeh???