Wednesday, February 3, 2010


In a world full of halves,
am searching for the whole,
Insatiable as I may be,
unhappy with my dole.
Curious in what lies beyond,
what lies make me see,
I want to know and feel and love,
the creature inside me.
Let my hands play the strings,
while not being tied by them,
Let my mind bear the fruits,
while not being the stem.
I want to dive deeper,
in the deepest of the seas,
I don’t want a ship or boat,
for I can swim with ease.
I'll swim my way out,
of this crazy hyperbole,
One day I will fly,
out of the pigeonhole.
Unhitched by a destination,
Unbound by a goal,
I will spread my wings and fly,
to the freedom of my soul.


  1. May you find that day of liberation soon....

  2. Naukri ne poetry vaapas laadi! Shaabaash! :P

  3. Liberation comes through struggle. Struggle is life, sameness is death and our mistake is to find a meaning through this eternal meaningless.

    I just stumble upon your blog, your lines provoked me to comment. Anyways, good work. Be well.

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